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  2. Help! We accidentally left the cage open and our 3 chins got out whilst we were at work. We found 2 quite easily but 24 hours later cannot find the third. We have searched everywhere we can think of with no luck. Can anyone suggest anyway to lure him out of whether he is hiding. We have tried leaving a treat out but it hasn’t been taken, and a sand bath. What can we do?
  3. How are the kits? I hope you’re all okay
  4. I’d like some advice on how to go about rehoming rescued chinchillas from anyone who has run a chin rescue or homed a lot of chinchillas. I don’t want them to go to homes where I will end up having to rescue them again-Or even worse a home where they will not be looked after. I’ve been lucky so far & always send out a care sheet with the new owners but I currently have 12 chins (inc a 8week old hand reared kit) and I’m finding it harder and harder to find the right homes. Also I have a skinny ebony chin who lived with 2 males for years before me & she pines for them & wont eat unless she’s with them...Plz help-She’s too small to get pregnant but I don’t want to chance it & end up with her getting sick or worse because of a bad preganacy.
  5. Hiya sorry not able to help further but have you tried posting this on the FB Chinformative page https://www.facebook.com/pg/CHINformative/posts/?ref=notif
  6. Emergency kit help needed! Got mom after she gave birth to 6 kits at the pet store...unfortunately none of them made it. I've been feverishly researching! She had to have been bred back sometime before I got her because 4 days ago I discovered 4 kits in her cage! I began supplementally KMR every 2 hours round the clock. Started with 1, and now its up to 3 that want it. All four are gaining thus far. My cause for alarm is that tonight, 2 kits have what appears to be diarreah all over their back ends and inside their hind legs!!! Could this possibly be normal excrement for a kit, and the mother just hasn't cleaned these 2? Could treats for the mom cause her milk to have too much sugar? I do admit, I have given her way too many treats as it's difficult to wrangle the kits from underneath her at feeding time otherwise. I tried a damp warm cotton ball but was unsuccessful at best in cleaning the dried excrement from them. Should I seperate these 2? Is there anything else that could cause diarreah in just 2 of the kits, since 3 have been eating the same supplement for over 24 hours? Any advice to help these poor babies would be greatly appreciated!!!
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