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    Why are so many people opting to neuter their male chins just recently? I was always of the belief that to neuter a male was an extremely risky procedure, and only undertaken if life was in danger. Hi Mel, i have a young Violet male chin who I've just split from his cage mate due to bullying issues. This little guy is a testosterone bomb at the moment, cock sure of himself, territorial and narky. I've been bitten by him a couple of times, needed to do the glove thing, but would still not entertain castration. With the correct firm but gentle handling, he's settling slowly and realising that biting is getting him nowhere. I shall be introducing Angus Castus to him shortly. I've had excellent results with this before.
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    Absolutely, Pepperpot- I would only do it for medical reasons- it's better to keep an aggressive male alone than put his life in danger most of the time. If the chin was biting me, then that might be due cause, but even then, I'd wear gloves unless it was extreme- most anti-social behaviour can be rectified using environmental change or homeopathic remedies- Belinda got me onto agnus castus for hormone issues and I find it extremely effective, you just need to tweak the dose for each animal.