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  1. That's true of females - spaying a female is a hugely invasive, risky procedure and should only be undertaken as a last resort by a competent vet (in my opinion). Having had several females spayed over the last few years and dealt with the post-op care, I certainly don't recommend it! For males, the surgery is less risky (in some respects) but is still risky, partly due to the necessity of closing up the inguinal canal. Having said that, I've had many male chinnies neutered over the years without major issues. Good post-op care and excellent pain relief, plus getting the chin eating and drinking as soon as they wake up are the keys - some chins will chew their stitches so some vets use tissue adhesive (surgical superglue) to keep everything secured. My vets give syringe food as soon as the chin wakes after surgery and can swallow - that makes a huge difference to their recovery.
  2. I'm sorry I didn't see this last night. How is chinny this morning? i have done a post in the reference section in post- op care which I'm hoping you might have found? If not, this little chap needs taking back to the vet this morning - he needs to have some food and fluids. Did the vet give you any syringe/recovery food to give him? If not, it is worth moistening pellets into a mush and feeding him via syringe or a spoon as Kimbers suggested.
  3. I'm glad to help. Sasha is a good age and I hope she continues to do well for you.
  4. I know that some members here have used CJ HAll in the past. You could give them a try. Good luck and please do let us know if we can provide any further help or support.
  5. Lynsey, whereabouts are you based? Hopefully someone can recommend a good chinchilla vet nearby. How is your chin doing now? I do not believe that all vets can interpret dental xrays correctly - we have seen too many examples of that here on the forum over the years - so I do not think dental anomalies can be disregarded without seeing the xrays. It would also be helpful to see photos of the chin's eyes if possible. Lynsey, does your chin strugge with eating pellets? Does she eat hay/forage without problems? Has she lost weight? Does she paw at her mouth at all? There are several reasons for wet eyes - often, it's a case of eliminating them one by one and then treating the 'culprit'. In general, dental probelms in older chins are related to multifactoral issues - chins live longer in captivity than in the wild and they are prone to age related issues that are not really found in the wild - slow chins with joint issues, for example, would not survive and would probably be predated .... in captivity, we softy owners treat arthritis, adapt cages for comfort, don't let the chins get predated ....... The sad part of owning chinchillas is the lack of proper research into their specific dietary needs and the dangers inherent in adapting or interpreting diet from one species to the next - most of what we know about chinchillas is anecdotal and should be interpreted with caution. I have chins here at Monty's Manor who are 20+ and several in their late teens, fed on traditional chinchilla feeds their entire lives. Genetics play a huge part in dental (and other) issues in chinchillas. Older chins are prone to age related conditions just like we are. Some of my odlies are real old crotchety grumps, some are little old gentlemen/ladies, and some never grow up/old. As an aside ..... let's not tar please and let's not lose sight of the fact that this forum exists to share experience and knowledge in all aspects of chinchilla care. There is a middle ground and I really don't want to have to start moderating posts for bickering. Please play nicely. I have let some threads/posts run - please consider your words carefully before you post.
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  9. Unfortunately it is time to upgrade the forum software. I have resisted upgrading for as long as possible but the forum is being bombarded by spammers & the new software has much better spam filters. I am deleting about 100+ accounts a day which is a complete PIA. The forum will be down for about an hour & I will try to get it up & running again ASAP. Thank you for your patience.
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