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  1. Herbal castration, lol! Mylo bites my feet if there's a boy he doesn't like in his room, he doesn't mess about either- we are talking blood- very ANGRY biting. I had one male I had to keep in a different room, which is why I mention environmental change. I used agnus castus with him for years but I also find magnesium oxide useful and had him on that for a year or so- it's easier than doing the bottle thing every day and boiling off the alcohol. Debbie got me into that. Now he has a wife he's happy as Larry so we are all very dopey right now.
  2. Absolutely, Pepperpot- I would only do it for medical reasons- it's better to keep an aggressive male alone than put his life in danger most of the time. If the chin was biting me, then that might be due cause, but even then, I'd wear gloves unless it was extreme- most anti-social behaviour can be rectified using environmental change or homeopathic remedies- Belinda got me onto agnus castus for hormone issues and I find it extremely effective, you just need to tweak the dose for each animal.
  3. Hope your Christmas was a good one! Have a great new year's!


    I thought this site was done for and it was just the reference library and emergency discussion. Then I switched it to desktop as I'm using a mobile phone and I could suddenly sign in again!

    1. Meles Meles

      Meles Meles

      It's still operational- I don't think you can really get advice like this elsewhere and its really important it continues. FaceBook seems to be more popular but I despair at some of the advice given out and the people giving it! I'm usually on FaceBook myself as I do a lot of business on there but always check in here occasionally. I'm not actually a member of the team- I just team up with them when it suits us all to do so. :)
      How are your girls & boy doing?

    2. mb3182


      Yeah, to be fair I'm not even on Facebook or any of that stuff. I guess I missed the boat on all that :)

      Everyone is doing very well thank you. The lone female seems perfectly happy although I always think about getting her a kit. Seeing how she is towards the other two makes me think it's a bad idea though.


      Salem is still kicking thankfully. The boy we got is a crazy little bastard ;) he seems like he's doing fine too luckily. The female we paired him with...Her personality has really changed...It basically mimmicks his now. 


      Thank you and I hope all is well. 

    3. Meles Meles

      Meles Meles

      Oh my, that is really funny! She must be in love. Young boys are bonkers, but that's always entertaining.

      Facebook is a necessary evil as Debbie would say- I do a LOT of networking on there and most of my custom is by word of mouth so I need it. It is insane half the time though- my 'block' list is extensive!

      All good in the hood,
      Take care :)

  4. There's a new collar which has been invented specifically for chins to prevent chewing of wounds. It obviously doesn't allow coprophagy but it could save lives. Wishing you lots of luck with your boy- I had one chew his wound once and it is so distressing. For that reason I've left my males intact but I do wish Mylo could cuddle up with a girlie.
  5. The first thing the lady said was that x-rays had been taken but she seems to have gone, some people want an immediate response. It is possible that the vet couldn't read them properly but it's not rocket science, even I can read an x-ray. Ringworm can be transmitted from a human walking around barefoot with athlete's foot and I suggested she check it out as she stated that tooth issues have been ruled out. It's just a suggestion, I am not attempting to diagnose. Besides, my senior, very experienced exotic vet tells me that most of the dental issues he sees are actually diet related; not enough calcium. The lack of correct nutrition renders the jaw soft, so when the chin chews, the teeth roots literally push upwards & downwards into the skull. You ladies are sweet.
  6. Hello. Hair loss around the eyes is often caused by ringworm. Ask your exotic vet to do a ringworm culture to determine the strain, then treat. There's a shampoo called malaseb which is supposed to be good and you can spot-treat which is best for chins as they shouldn't get wet. There is a great article in our reference library on ringworm which you should read. Where are you? Somebody can probably recommend a vet. Does the skin look sore, red or flaky? Does the chin scratch a lot? Can you post a clear pic? Antibiotics won't do anything except make it worse and x-rays won't show this kind of issue. At root the cause is diet so you can help her by cutting all treats and any excess grains from her diet plus add a good probiotic to her water. Check that she drinks the water with the probiotics in as some chins won't touch it. If she won't drink then you need to use an oral med syringe and just put a tiny amount of probiotics in a few drops of water. The chin will get used to you giving meds this way, just be patient. The normal dose is a pinch per day in the water, changed every day. If you give via an oral med syringe then use a tiny amount- I just dip the end of a knife into a bag with a capsule broken open inside and use that. I use Bio Kult as it's maltodextrin-free which is important for these kind of diet-related conditions. I'll post a pic. The ringworm culture will take a while to come back so it's very important to quarantine her if you have other chins. If it is ringworm then you will most likely have to treat all chins. Use an antifungal disinfectant like F10 and clean the whole cage. Do that weekly. Any fleece must be washed daily at 60ºC and all beds must be treated with antifungal weekly then washed. F10 do a detergent which is very good- they sell on Amazon and you can google them for the factsheet on each product. Ringworm is a LOT of hard work but you can get rid of it and she will thank you when she's better. I've just been through all this myself so I feel your pain! Let us know if we can do anything else and good luck. If it isn't ringworm then it may be diet. Get back to us and I'll go through it with you.
  7. Kit, kit, kit, Thebae, Maggie, Kit...

  8. I keep dreaming about kits :D

  9. I'd like to kill my vet.