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  1. Hope your Christmas was a good one! Have a great new year's!


    I thought this site was done for and it was just the reference library and emergency discussion. Then I switched it to desktop as I'm using a mobile phone and I could suddenly sign in again!

    1. Meles Meles

      Meles Meles

      It's still operational- I don't think you can really get advice like this elsewhere and its really important it continues. FaceBook seems to be more popular but I despair at some of the advice given out and the people giving it! I'm usually on FaceBook myself as I do a lot of business on there but always check in here occasionally. I'm not actually a member of the team- I just team up with them when it suits us all to do so. :)
      How are your girls & boy doing?

    2. mb3182


      Yeah, to be fair I'm not even on Facebook or any of that stuff. I guess I missed the boat on all that :)

      Everyone is doing very well thank you. The lone female seems perfectly happy although I always think about getting her a kit. Seeing how she is towards the other two makes me think it's a bad idea though.


      Salem is still kicking thankfully. The boy we got is a crazy little bastard ;) he seems like he's doing fine too luckily. The female we paired him with...Her personality has really changed...It basically mimmicks his now. 


      Thank you and I hope all is well. 

    3. Meles Meles

      Meles Meles

      Oh my, that is really funny! She must be in love. Young boys are bonkers, but that's always entertaining.

      Facebook is a necessary evil as Debbie would say- I do a LOT of networking on there and most of my custom is by word of mouth so I need it. It is insane half the time though- my 'block' list is extensive!

      All good in the hood,
      Take care :)