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  1. Some members have been receiving the following error when trying to change the details on their profile. The error message was: I've contacted Tech Support & they have (hopefully) fixed the issue so you should be able to change/update your profiles now. Please let us know if this problem occurs again.
  2. As you can see, the forum has had a bit of a revamp again. I've added more disc space for us as we were getting a bit tight & we might have had to remove some images (which we certainly didn't want to do). So now we can have more photos! (hint, hint Please let us know of there's anything not working correctly etc. I've tried to tie in the board's skin colours with the CHINformative 'livery' so I hope it is working ok for everyone.
  3. As you can see the forum upgrade has now been completed. Please could you let the Admins know if there is anything not working correctly. Thanks.
  4. Claire D

    Forum Upgrade

    Unfortunately it is time to upgrade the forum software. I have resisted upgrading for as long as possible but the forum is being bombarded by spammers & the new software has much better spam filters. I am deleting about 100+ accounts a day which is a complete PIA. The forum will be down for about an hour & I will try to get it up & running again ASAP. Thank you for your patience.
  5. Rules for Posting: 1. Members are solely responsible for the content of their posts. Please post carefully, ensuring that details are accurate and that wherever possible references to information are provided. Posting of copyright material is not allowed. 2. Any post which is considered inflammatory, derogatory, inappropriate, prejudiced, or mean may be removed and a warning sent to the offender. Continued acts of this type may result in removal of your account. 3. Trolling and spamming will not be tolerated. Don't make posts that are inflammatory just to annoy people or post spam (in posts
  6. Welcome to Chinformative. This forum is dedicated to discussion, knowledge, information, and support for all aspects of chinchilla keeping and welfare. It is open to anyone with an interest in chinchillas; whether pet owner, breeder, rescue, or information seeker. Please take a moment to read through the Forum Rules: 1. The forum is primarily a family friendly site. Profanity and obscene language will not be tolerated. 2. If a dispute arises between members please take the issue off the public board. Chinformative will not get involved in personal disputes between members. 3. Membe
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