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Just a quick reminder of the rules for advertising on CF. :wub:

The Chinformative Forum is primarily for sharing of information, knowledge, and experiences with chinchilla keeping. We do not wish to see members joining the forum solely to advertise their animals, equipment or their on-line shops.

Any member wishing to advertise must be a fully contributing member of the forum; meaning that they will be posting on a regular basis (at least twice weekly or more) with posts which contribute to the forum as a whole. Posts such as "how cute", "welcome to the forum", or "beautiful chinny" do not count as contributing to the forum knowledge or support base.

Members will not be allowed to post adverts until they have been active participants for at least 1 week.

There is no 3rd party advertising allowed.

1. Advertisers should provide as much information as possible please.

2. Adverts will be locked after 24 hours - please contact a member of the Team if you need to add anything to an advert after that time.

3. Adverts will be removed after 14 days. If the item is sold beforehand then please contact a member of the Team and we will close it.

4. Adverts may be re-posted once the 14 day period is up. Duplicated adverts will be removed.

Failure to comply with these rules for each advert will result in its removal.

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