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I am having issues with my 3 male Chinchillas, they have lived together fine for two years, father and two sons however the oldest son has become aggressive towards the other two especially his dad Dobby.

Have had to separate them.

Any ideas on anything I could do?

May have to think of rehoming Brian as Dobby and Basil are happy together now they are separated.

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Hi,  Unfortunately the dynamics in their relationships can change & they don’t always get along/ continue to get along. 

If they fight they can cause serious injury to each other.  Sometimes it can become necessary to have to seperate permanently.    


It may be changes in them as they matured & challengeing dominance.


Do you have any females near them perhaps in season? 



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Once fighting/aggression has occurred, it is extremely unwise to consider reintroduction. consider using a separate cage for the aggressor and closely monitoring the relationship between the two chinchillas remaining together.

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