Guest Melissa

Diarreah in kits

Emergency kit help needed!

Got mom after she gave birth to 6 kits at the pet store...unfortunately none of them made it. I've been feverishly researching! She had to have been bred back sometime before I got her because 4 days ago I discovered 4 kits in her cage! I began supplementally KMR every 2 hours round the clock. Started with 1, and now its up to 3 that want it. All four are gaining thus far.

My cause for alarm is that tonight, 2 kits have what appears to be diarreah all over their back ends and inside their hind legs!!! Could this possibly be normal excrement for a kit, and the mother just hasn't cleaned these 2? Could treats for the mom cause her milk to have too much sugar? I do admit, I have given her way too many treats as it's difficult to wrangle the kits from underneath her at feeding time otherwise. I tried a damp warm cotton ball but was unsuccessful at best in cleaning the dried excrement from them. Should I seperate these 2?  Is there anything else that could cause diarreah in just 2 of the kits, since 3 have been eating the same supplement for over 24 hours? Any advice to help these poor babies would be greatly appreciated!!!

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How are the kits? I hope you’re all okay

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