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Finding the right homes for rescued chins

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Guest ChinchillaWatch

I’d like some advice on how to go about rehoming rescued chinchillas from anyone who has run a chin rescue or homed a lot of chinchillas. I don’t want them to go to homes where I will end up having to rescue them again-Or even worse a home where they will not be looked after. I’ve been lucky so far & always send out a care sheet with the new owners but I currently have 12 chins (inc a 8week old hand reared kit) and I’m finding it harder and harder to find the right homes. Also I have a skinny ebony chin who lived with 2 males for years before me & she pines for them & wont eat unless she’s with them...Plz help-She’s too small to get pregnant but I don’t want to chance it & end up with her getting sick or worse because of a bad preganacy.

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