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Forum Rules - Please Read

Welcome to Chinformative.

This forum is dedicated to discussion, knowledge, information, and support for all aspects of chinchilla keeping and welfare. It is open to anyone with an interest in chinchillas; whether pet owner, breeder, rescue, or information seeker.

Please take a moment to read through the Forum Rules:

1. The forum is primarily a family friendly site. Profanity and obscene language will not be tolerated.

2. If a dispute arises between members please take the issue off the public board. Chinformative will not get involved in personal disputes between members.

3. Members are only one account on Chinformative. If a member is found with more than one account they will be asked to choose one for deletion. If one is not chosen then the last one created will be removed. Please contact a forum administrator if you want to change your account name or would like your account deleted. This is done at the administrator's discretion.

4. Since certain subjects may be offensive to some people, politics and religion topics are not allowed on this forum.

5. Posts & Threads may be removed at the Team's discretion.

6. Chinformative operates a 3 Strike Warning policy. We do not wish to use this policy so please consider the appropriateness of your words before posting.

1st offence = warning. 2nd offence = 2 week temporary suspension. 3rd offence = permanent ban.

7. Activist opinions are not welcome on this forum. Activist postings will be removed and members suspended at the Administrator's discretion. .

Chinformative reserves the right to withdraw posting and access privileges at any time.

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