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Rules Of Posting

Rules for Posting:

1. Members are solely responsible for the content of their posts. Please post carefully, ensuring that details are accurate and that wherever possible references to information are provided. Posting of copyright material is not allowed.

2. Any post which is considered inflammatory, derogatory, inappropriate, prejudiced, or mean may be removed and a warning sent to the offender. Continued acts of this type may result in removal of your account.

3. Trolling and spamming will not be tolerated. Don't make posts that are inflammatory just to annoy people or post spam (in posts, links or signatures) - posts, signatures etc will be removed and warnings issued.

4. If a thread is getting off track or out of hand, a moderator may post a warning to get it back on track. Further off-topic comments will be deleted and warnings issued if necessary.

5. If you do not agree with a post please take time to consider your response carefully. Try not to be rude or post in the heat of the moment. Consider how your response may come across to others. We want this forum to be open for discussions and debates. Every member's opinion is equally valid and valued.

6. Please try to post in the right forum. Let us know if you think a post is in the wrong place and we will move it.

7.Please take advantage of the search function (top right of your page) and the reference library before posting your question - it will save you time and we might have answered it already.

8. Please post so that members can understand the content of the post. Posts should be typed properly using punctuation and avoiding capitalisation and text language (which are difficult to read).

9. Posts/Threads may be removed at the Team's discretion. If the Team have removed a post or thread please refrain from commenting on it, attempt to re-post it or complain about it on the open forum. Such action will result in a formal warning.

CHINformative reserves the right to withdraw posting and access privileges at any time.

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