This is another problem that is quite common. Severe cases will need veterinary treatment, but mild cases are usually treatable by the owner.

Main Symptoms

In mild cases the owner will only see softer droppings than usual, often found squashed flat around the cage.

More severe cases will manifest themselves as very runny droppings, resembling cowpats, or smelly, liquid watery droppings.

Enteritic conditions may be characterised by the presence of mucous.

Possible Causes

Many causes. In mild cases, often too many treats are to blame. Lack of fibre in the diet (possibly dental-related). Unsuitable or poor diet. Poor husbandry/sanitation. Possible gastro-intestinal infection. Protozoal infection. Full veterinary tests may be needed.

In mild cases where there is only soft droppings present, squished flat onto shelves, and the chin is well in itself - then you will only probably need to do the following:

Reduced or no pellets for 24 hours

No treats

Increased hay (but only if it is top-quality hay - as poor quality hay may make the problem worse - or even have caused it)

VERY burnt toast (a thumb-sized piece once a day)

Probiotics in the drinking water

If the condition persists for longer than 48 hours then I give some Paediatric Kaolin (or Kaogel) (@ 0.5ml - once or twice a day)

In cases where the chin is showing signs of abdominal pain, and/or the droppings are liquid, smelly, mucoussy or even blood-stained - then urgent veterinary treatment is needed - don't delay!

Ensure good sanitation at all times - and always disinfect the cage and shelves after an outbreak of gastric disturbance, whatever the cause.

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