Reviving Kits

Many people (including myself) have come across the odd kit that appears to have been born dead. It may not be breathing and appear to be rather chilled and lifeless. Usually, our first reaction is to pick up the poor kit - examine it for signs of life - and when we find none - give it up for dead.

However, if the kit has only recently been born - you can try to revive it.

Here are some tips:

You need to keep the kit warm and stimulate it's breathing and blood circulation.

The easiest way to do this is to rub the kits (fairly vigorously) in a soft towel - starting with it's head down to help drain any birth fluids from it's lungs.

You can also try gently swinging the kit - with a straight arm - to try to clear it's lungs of fluids - but DONT shake the poor thing.

If it is chilled - some breeders recommend immersing the kit (not it's head though) in warm water - to raise it's body temperature.

I have found the towel method is better - as you also need to get the kits circulation going as soon a possible.

Keep going - don't give up after 5 minutes. Alternate between the warm water and firm but gentle towelling if you wish.

DO NOT try breathing into it's nose or mouth - we have much much bigger lungs than a tiny kit - and will only do damage.

As a last resort you can try blowing at it's nose from a distance of a few inches.

DO NOT try to feed it any brandy either!!

Many breeders have successfully revived kits that have appeared to be stillborn - and it is always worth giving it a try.

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