Grooming A Chinchilla

  1. Using a medium-gauge chinchilla grooming comb - starting from the head, comb the coat in the direction of the tail - gently removing dead undercoat.
  2. If you encounter any snags or tangles - tease them out gently from the tips working down to the roots - don't just drag the tangles out.
  3. Make sure you do groom around the chest and hindquarters - but there is no need to groom the belly.
  4. Once you have gently de-tangled the chinchilla from head to tail - then work from tail to head - grooming the chinchilla's fur backwards in the direction of the head.
  5. Once the chinchilla has been groomed, I then use my hand to firmly stroke the chinchilla backwards from tail to head. This helps to remove any loose hairs that may be sitting on the top of the fur after grooming - and will detract from the overall appearance of the animal.
  6. A final tidy with the comb through the tips of the fur - backwards from tail to head again.
  7. When you have finished grooming - place the chinchilla on a solid surface (careful not to touch the beautifully groomed fur) - and grasp the tail, close to the body (this will not hurt) - lift the hindquarters a little and very gently and lightly "shake" the chinchilla. This does not harm the chinchilla in the slightest - apart from being a little undignified - and merely serves to drop out any "grooming lines" that the comb may have made, as well has helping the fur to fall back into place.
  8. Gently place the chinchilla into the show cage, ready for the judging!


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