I have had 100% success when fostering - with an age gap gap of no more than 4 weeks between the foster mothers own kits and the orphan/s - (but you ideally want them as close to the same age as possible). I always try to use females that have only had only ONE kit of their own, at a push, two, as I find older kits can gang-up and bully smaller orphans, (but if mum has adequate milk and the kits are all of a similar age, then she should be able to rear three kits in total with few problems).

I remove the females own kit/s into a small box, and put the orphan/s in with them. They are then left for an hour or two, for their scents to intermingle. Some soiled bedding can be added to the box to assist with this.

When some time has elapsed, orphan/s are put in with the female first and allowed to settle and bond with the female, as undisturbed as possible.

If all looks OK, then her own kit/s are returned. Monitor everything closely and ensure that the kits are not squabbling too much (a little barging around at first is normal).

The females milk should increase on demand to allow for the extra kit/s, but this may take a day or two, so rotational or supplimental feeding may also be needed until the milk supply compensates.

Just one word of caution though, dont expect miracles from a foster mother and dont expect her to rear more than 3 kits in total (including her own).

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