Recognised Chinchilla Mutations

Some of the below colours are not commonly seen in the UK, but are worthy of mention.

Wilson White (AKA Silver, Mosaic) Incomplete Dominant, Lethal Factor, Heterozygous Only

Tower Beige (heterozygous or homozygous)

Gunning Black (Black Velvet) Lethal Factor, Heterozygous Only

Tasco Black

French Blue

Busse Ebony

Wellman Beige Recessive

Sullivan Beige Recessive (red eyes)



Sakrison (Curly Brown Charcoal)

Stone White (prone to opthalmia)

Larsen Sapphire

Lester Black

Treadwell Black

Young Lavender-Brown

Sullivan Violet

Deutsche Violet

Many more mutations can be created by crossing the above colours to produce a hybrid or blend.

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