Chinchilla Wheels

Chinchillas will happily exercise on a wheel, if given the chance to do so, but care must be taken to ensure that a suitable wheel is used. Extra-large wheels, manufactured for rats are not suitable.

Some years ago, chinchilla wheels were only available in the USA, but they are now getting much easier to get hold of in the UK.

Chinchilla wheels need to be at least 14" in diameter, have fully enclosed bearings, and be of solid construction (not runged) to protect tails and toes from getting trapped.

The "Flying Saucer Wheel" and the "Leo Braun Wheel" (both manufactured specifically for chinchillas) can currently only be imported from the USA and Europe.

John Hopewell in the UK also makes two different sized wheels suitable for chinchillas (14" and 16") - my chinchillas have the 16" wheels and they really enjoy using them!


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A couple of videos for you to show wheels in use:

Kier on the Flying Saucer:


Pepper on his Ed Wheel:


I imported the Ed Wheel from Chin World USA about four years ago, before the John Hopewell wheels were around. Pepper had previously had a Flying Saucer, but not used it. As you can see, he loves the alternative :)

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